The Aster Foundation was created by us to give something back. It’s the work we choose to do over and above our landlord and development activities.

We know we can make the most difference to our customers and local people by helping them to discover and grow their digital skills, supporting individuals through financial challenges, building employability and inspiring pride across our communities.

Aster Foundation

Our objectives

Supporting customers to sustain their tenancies & improving life chances

We’re committed to understanding the reasons why some of our customers might struggle to maintain their tenancy and we’ll invest in giving our customers the help they need to support their longer term financial independence.

Enabling customers to live independently & as long as possible in their homes

We want our customers to enjoy living independently in their own homes and we’re committed to better understanding the barriers that some of our customers face, so that we can help them to make better choices.

Helping to create and sustain the workforce of the future

We want our communities to grow by helping our customers to develop the skills they need to find and sustain work.

Creating a lasting legacy by enabling our communities to thrive

We want our customers to live in communities they’re proud of, so we’ll work with them to make this happen.


Our communities

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