Aster Group Website


We want our website to be informative, easy to use and accessible for customers of all abilities and disabilities. This site offers the following features to help you access information:

As part of this we’ve made sure our communications are clear and accessible to everyone.

On request, our magazines and marketing materials (flyers, brochures and leaflets) can be made available in:

  • Different translations
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Audio (CD or tape).

We’ve also made this website accessible as possible by having:

  • Rok Talk – this function turns the text on these pages into sound so you can hear what we’ve written
  • Resizable text– you can make these pages bigger or smaller
  • Colours – the colours we’ve used are in line with British Standards on website accessibility and comply with the Equality Act

But that’s not all. We always welcome feedback from customers as we want to continue to improve the way we communicate further.