In the summer, Andover foodbank needed help to expand, so our colleagues rolled-up their sleeves and got stuck in.

The work to remove all old racking shelving systems, paint the walls, input new electrical sockets, and put all shelving back on walls securely was completed over a weekend.

The foodbank at St John the Baptist RC Church, has seen more and more people visit since it opened in 2006. People who need extra support regularly turn to the foodbank for essential supplies to help feed their families.

Our customer support officer, Kirstin Jennings works closely with the foodbank and understands just how much of a lifeline it is for some of our customers. She said: “As a customer support officer, I engage with our customers when they have rent arrears or benefit issues.

“As a form of support, I regularly give out food vouchers, so customers can feed themselves through times of difficulty. So, I know just how much of a lifeline foodbanks are.

As a thank you, the team were invited along to the official re-launch of the foodbank in October to help celebrate.