Over the last few months, a number of colleagues have been on a mission to help keep our beaches clean and make a positive impact on the environment.

Anita Pena-Tomczak and Joanna Kurang, both took a paid days’ leave to volunteer at the Firars Cliff beach clean.

Anita said: “I love living by the beach, so when I saw the email about a Beach Watch event where I used to live, I just had to get involved.

“There were 104 people in total and we picked up a substantial amount of rubbish.”

Gill Roberts, safety and sustainability facilitator, has also done her bit. She took part in one of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) beach cleans at Portishead.

She helped pick up 22kg’s of waste. 10kg of which was general waste which included plastics and 12kg was glass and ceramics.

Gill said: “I’d like to thank everyone who took part and for those that didn’t get a chance this time round, the MCS will be putting up more dates for 2019 very soon.”