Four members from our communications team volunteered at one of our independent living extra care schemes, Lion Oak Court in Andover.  

Two of the tenants at Lion Oak; Doreen and Peter reached out for volunteers, to build a shed and refresh the outside space for residents. 

Previous to this, tools and large gardening equipment were being kept the other side of the building, meaning that it was a long walk, if anyone wanted to do some gardening or maintenance.  

Peter, who is a keen gardener was keeping many of his tools in his car, so he was thrilled to be able to remove the heavy weight and clutter into a safe protective holding, close by to their communal garden.  

One of our volunteers, Morwenna Exton (digital partner) said;

“It was a very humbling experience to be a part of. We were reminded throughout the day of how we we’re making the residents plans come to life and how much the garden will be enjoyed. 

I left feeling that our work had made a huge difference to this community, which was a very rewarding experience. We've already been asked to come back and build a gazebo for the summer”.